Perry Dodge, MS, MA, CPC

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Have you ever felt, “I was meant for more"? Often such a feeling comes because God is calling you to a new place, a new level, a new adventure. Coaching is a dynamic, collaborative relationship that helps take you from where you are now to where you want to go.

A person may desire coaching because they want greater fulfillment in their key relationships, are considering a career change, or they want to strengthen and build up what they're already doing.

In a sea of uncertainty and a tangled web of feelings and ideas, the coach helps you achieve clarity and focus. He helps you identify the calling and purpose for your life, and then helps map out the smaller steps needed to reach the long-term goal.

Coaching is different than counseling, because while counseling often focuses on the past, coaching mainly focuses on the gap between the present and the desired future.

Another benefit of coaching is that it is typically done by phone (tele-coaching). You can enjoy coaching from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Because you don't drive to the appointment, you save one of your most precious commodities, time.

Achieving your goals will require courage. "Courage is not merely one of the virtues, but is the essence of all virtues at their testing point” C.S. Lewis. Courage will rise inside you as you leave the comfortable, the familiar, and risk moving into the unknown to unveil new talents, new abilities, your full potential.

Here's what the media says about coaching…

"People from all walks of life -- especially professionals -- are working with life coaches to help them develop a game plan for their lives and to show them how to stick with it to achieve greater professional and personal satisfaction."                                                                                          AUSTIN BUSINESS JOURNAL

"Today's managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs are hiring coaches to help them with time management, a change in career, or balancing their work and personal lives."                               FORTUNE MAGAZINE

“Anybody who actively wants to move up in a company, make their job easier, have more fun, have more personal time, and still excel in their job needs a coach."                                                       INFOWORLD

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